Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting the Gmail App to work on a Samsung SGH-i600 (blackjack)

On my Samsung i600, Google Maps works fine (its a windows mobile exe) but i had problems running the Gmail app, I would find the "download Gmail for Samsung Advanced MIDP2" link but I would receive an error on clicking.
It turns out that its a java app and there seems to be no JVM on the phone.
After some googling and surfing I found these instructions for installing a JVM, the Java MIDP emulator on the phone (from
  1. Go to
  2. In the search box type IBM MIDP and search (GO).
  3. In the results page click the “IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator” (Link) item.
  4. Proceed to download. (It’s free; +-2.5MB size) You can choose any location when they ask you for the “download location”.
  5. Install it etc.
Installed it and now, clicking the link installs the Gmail app which works, not at all perfectly and with horrible unreadable graphics, but it works.
Unfortunately the emulator is not well integrated in windows mobile and it is unable to detect my web proxy settings, so it works only on a direct internet connection and not on my office's private APN.