Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging on the road, traffic, procedures and CMS

I'm blocked on the bus, in the traffic, after bad weather and a couple of small tornados have given their best to add some more entropy to the everyday caos in Rome.
The bus is surprisingly empty and I actually found a seat!
That's a chance to download a blogging app on the phone and see if it actually works; that' the blogging "on the road" and the "traffic".
If you read this it actually works!
My chosen app is "blogpress", works ok.

I work in a large company and am a customer of our IT department. Everything has a procedure, but to access the procedure there is a procedure to be allowed to submit requests, what a mess! You find out things are having problems when after days nothing happens, and so you start calling people and find out you have to submit a new request to someone else. So for me procedures = large waste of time.

I've been using CQ5 in the last few days. Wow, it looks quite a big jump ahead, but still we need tweek many things.

Got off the bus.. blogging while walking could be risky!!