Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inside the iPod Touch

iFixit ( has opened and disassembled an iPod Touch.
It seems most of the space is dedicated to battery and screen while the electronics are all crammed in the bottom where the connectors are.
What remains unclear is whether there's the components needed for bluetooth or not.
As all other electronics from Cupertino it is a great work of engineering and design.
You can find all pictures here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

iPod Touch order cancelled, let me wait and see it first

Last Friday I canceled my order for the iPod Touch on the Apple Store (a plus for their on-line store, nice thing to be able to do..).

  • don't know if it will be open to third party software or not
  • might have a conspicuous price drop after just a couple of months (iPhone docet)
  • had a feeling I would repent having bought it in such a hurry
  • bluetooth would really make a difference for me (is it there or not?)
I'm a bit sad about this choice, but as soon as it will be out, I will run to the Apple Store try it hands-on and wait for someone to open it up and see what's inside, and then I will decide whether to buy or not.

Maybe I just don't trust Apple enough...Technorati Profile

Friday, September 07, 2007

Windows Mobile 6 on the Samsung i600

A couple of days ago I successfully upgraded the Samsung i600 mobile phone to Windows Mobile 6.
Having an Italian branded phone the operation was a bit tedious, it required de-branding the phone and setting the phone country to Netherlands in a hidden menu, downloading the upgrade from the Samsung website and setting the phone back to Italian.
The procedure is well described (in italian) in this forum.

The differences in the new OS appear mainly cosmetic, since the announced improved radio component software is very difficult to evaluate if not in a lab.

The most visible changes are some improved features in Outlook, which has better designed views and, for example, the possibility of deferring appointment alerts, previously they could only be deleted.

Internet Explorer is said to have been improved but the only difference I have perceived is an new animated logo, a blue ring.
Whereas rendering is still very bad.

A new feature which might be very useful, since software from Redmond is traditionally very buggy, is Windows update which, unfortunately, I have not managed to get to work (great if it was a bug in the bug fixing app!).

As far as previously present bugs, the Samsung RSS and Podcast apps are still internet configuration unaware and don't work through eventually configured proxies.
Too bad because one of the things I like in windows mobile is the logic behind the internet configuration.
You can add a connection and say, for example that it connects to your "office" and then configure a proxy that connects from th "office" to the "internet". But if applications don't read the configuration it is pretty useless.
Not that I will ever use this phone instead of an iPod!
I don't understand why the update is not easily available in some countries (the Italian, Austrian and French flags are shaded o the Samsung site), but as always when companies place stupid barriers the online community finds a workaround..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Update: Does Apple's iPod touch have Bluetooth?

I just found this news on engadget, wow it would be very nice if it did have bluetooth I could connect it to my phone which has high-speed mobile connectivity and a decent camera!

I Just ordered the new iPod Touch!!

I couldn't resist, the new iPod Touch is so nice, and it expands on how I use my iPod today (mostly audio books and podcasts) so I ordered it immediately (delivery is expected on the first days of October)!
What I hope is that, apart the applications which Apple has included (which seem already very useful), a whole set of new and imaginative applications will be developed by the Open Source community. The multi-touch interface together with Wifi could be the starting point for a whole new set of on-line applications, but I wonder if Apple will open the iPod Touch to third-party software, or will it be necessary to hack it?

Let's wait and see...