Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moving from php-Nuke to Joomla

After the defacement of one of my websites powered by php-nuke (, I decided to change software. Trying the various possible alternatives among which Post-nuke and Xoops, I decided to go with Joomla.
Believe it or not in a couple of days I was able to migrate all stories, users, and content elements and managed to put up a test site. I quickly adapted the first theme I came across and after another few days of testing put the site in production.
I still have to dominate all aspects of Joomla, but the management side is really straightforward, the code seems very well written and the developers are very careful on tracking and patching security issues. Adding to this solid foundation is a very active developer site powered by Sourceforge.


CanadianWilliamInChina said...

Nice infomation.

Massimo said...

Ciao Alessandro,

sono un webmaster di un sito in Nuke che vorrei migrare in joomla.

Potrei contattarti per qualche consiglio?



cristianx said...

Ciao Massimo mi aiuteresti per migrare i weblinks da phpnuke a joomla? grazie


Luis Blasco de la Cruz said...

hello i must migrate from php-nuke to joomla, can you help me ?

kdhamala said...

wow you looks proffessional. i also have a phpnuke site and would like to migrate into joomla. is there any step by step help or procedures that you can share with us? i will love them if you could help me out. Check the site
phpnuke 7.9 used.

Alessandro said...

Hi kdhamala,
unfortunately I did the migration from PHP-nuke to Joomla a long time ago. It is challenging and requires at least some tweaking in the MySQL database.
I would suggest that you backup you site on a local machine and test the migration.
The migration should occur in two steps: Basicly, you have to do 2 steps: from nuke to joomla 1.0 an then from joomla 1.0 to joomla 1.514.

1) Export you old nuke db from your nuke site (backup).
2) Install joomla 1.0
3) Import nuke database INTO joomla 1.0 database (with phpMyaAdmin)
4) You need from 1 to 4 components, depending of what you have to migrate. You can find them here:

EzNuke is the migrating component and it's absolutely needed.
The others are the forum (joomlaboard), the download manager (repository) and the private messages manager (myPMS) have to install them only if you wish to migrate some forum posts (i don't know of which kind of forum....phpbb or what...i haven't tried it), the downloads or the private messages (as was obvious)
5) Now you have to go in Component > ezPhpNuke to Mambo Convertor
6) Choose what you want to migrate. Maybe you'll have to do some test before you find the right combination of things...

HOW TO MIGRATE FROM J 1.0 TO J 1.5 USING mtwMigrator (a component for joomla 1.5)
0) You need phpmyadmin and the database created by the last 6 steps....
1) Install joomla 1.5
2) Install mtwMigrator on J 1.5
3) Go to Component > mtwMigrator
4) Go to Global Configuration to set what database you wanna import, the mysql you may have to do some tests too, before you do it right....
5) Click "Start Migration"

and GOOD LUCK!!!

arif said...

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